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Tea Tree Foot Care & Bra Accessories


At work or at play you want to look your best, dressed for success, but don’t want the discomfort that can often accompany the effort to stay in vogue. After all, why make a sacrifice just to wear stylish shoes that bind and cut, or (much to your chagrin) bra straps that slip and are exposed?

Fortunately, relief is here with a selection of ingeniously designed solutions to these problems. With a range of footcare products made with 100% high-grade Australian tea tree oil you can finally find relief from foot pain, blisters and abrasive rubbing. Each product is designed to provide extra comfort for the feet, discreetly and effectively, while reducing any odour.

If it’s a fashion faux pas that worries you, assorted dress tape and a bra converting clip should put your mind at ease by concealing straps and holding clothing in place.

Finally, style meets comfort with a host of solutions.

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