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Japanese Nappy Pants

Modern mums are asking: how do I choose the right nappies for my child? Which will be the most comfortable, won’t cause irritation, rashes or allergic reactions but will effectively keep the little ones dry?

Boys, girls and unisex nappy pants from Goo.N, one of the most popular brands from Japan, are an excellent solution for both parents and children who are constantly on-the-go. Made from only the highest quality materials and specifically designed to avoid leakage, these nappy pants are like a soft second skin, with a snug fit that won’t slip even when your child is asleep.

Goo.N has even designed these nappy pants with pale yellow stripes that turn blue when it is time to change the nappy. And don’t worry about getting soiled pants off their child; the nappy pants can be torn on their sides and then taken off just as normal nappies can.

Available in sizes ranging from medium (7-12kg) to super big (15-35kg) and designed for either boys, girls or unisex, Goo.N nappy pants are for parents of children who are constantly on the move; they can be put on and taken off quickly so you and your child can keep exploring your world. 

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