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Limited Edition Kids Suitcases

Make travelling fun and easy with an award-winning Trunki suitcase for your toddler. Mums like Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Salma Hayak and Kourtney Kardashian absolutely love them because a Trunki makes travelling exciting, allowing kids to pack, carry and ride their own suitcases in a practical, fun and safe manner.

Available in two limited edition designs – the green Trunkisaurus REX and the yellow Trunkisaurus ROX – these suitcases feature locking catches, teddy seatbelts, a bits pouch, two carry handles, a multi-functional carry-tow strap and secret compartments, as well as soft rubber rims that prevent little fingers from being caught and a wide, stable wheel base to ensure safe riding around airport terminals.

Complete with marbled scales and ferocious teeth, these suitcases make the perfect prehistoric travelling pal for your little monster.

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