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Converse Watches

Embrace Classic Converse Cool with 80's Style Watches! Enjoy 68% Off a Great Range of Converse Watches. Available in both Digital and Analog, as well as a Great Range of Trendy Colours. Only $37.95, Valued at $119

Feeling more retro than 80's high top sneakers and Michael J Fox travelling through time? Then strap on one of Converse's timeless watches for effortless cool mixed with modern day precision.

Perfectly matched to a pair of high tops, a pompadour and a milk bar, silicone timepieces like The Rookie, Clocked and High Score are sure to to impress with full silicone bodies and matte colour palates. Or prepare for preppy perfection in canvas bands and aluminum faces with Converse's Ace and Cowboy series. You'll be racking up style points faster than a teen wolf with the retro cool Scoreboard watch, renowned for its comfort and block colour chic. 

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