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Abigail's Jewellery

Genuine Sterling Silver & Gemstone Jewellery

Crafted from exotic stones, including genuine Brazilian baby blue topaz and African amethyst, these earrings and pendant sets from Abigail's Jewellery are set in genuine 925 sterling silver and make a perfect addition to any outfit.

Each item displays a distinct craftsmanship and quality you won't find in anything but the most premium jewellery. From the texture of the silver right down to the individual links in pendant chains, these gorgeous pieces are designed to last.


Jewellery Designer, Abigail's Jewellery

I created Abigails Jewellery because I believe everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful. Being a mother of three doesn’t give me the luxury of indulging myself too often which is why I have created a way to sparkle, without the guilt!"