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Primal Skin Care for Every Skin Tone


Skin is more than just oily, dry, combination or sensitive. It has roots and origins, a primal instinct and an eons-old adaptation to its environment and culture. Daring to be the most tailored skin care brand ever created, the 9Tribes range of skin care products has been uniquely formulated for all the world’s skin tones.

9Tribes moisturisers, cleansers, scrubs and ‘tribal waters’ are made from natural botanical extracts providing skin care tribes with extra sun protection, moisture, fine-line prevention, age spot or anti-blemish control. 9Tribes is 90% natural, paraben, mineral oil and sodium lauryl sulfate free. 

9Tribes skin care products are beautifully presented in a gift pack and are packaged in natural wood to embody the qualities, values and personalities of each tribe.

Each gift pack contains:

Face Scrub: 15ml
Face Cleanser: 150ml
Tribal Water: 150ml
Face Moisturiser: 50ml
Eye Balm: 15ml
Body Scrub: 50ml
Body Moisturiser: 200ml

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