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Flavourstone Fry Pans

Roast, Grill, Bake, Sauté, Stir Fry, Deep Fry and More with these Flavourstone Fry Pans! This Dishwasher-Safe Advanced Cookware Allows You to Enjoy the Natural Flavours of Your Food and Requires Half of Less of the Usual Burner Setting on Your Electric, Gas or Ceramic Hob

You can now stir fry, deep fry, grill and stove-top bake with this FlavorStone cookware This non-stick cookware allows you to enjoy the natural flavours of your food and consume less calories by reducing the need to add butter or oil You can even save on gas or electricity bills as this cookware requires half or less of the usual burner setting on your electric, gas or ceramic hob thanks to its durability and quick-heat properties Plus, it's so efficient and very easy to clean since you can put this cookware in the dishwasher or simply wipe clean with a paper towel

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