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Hydro Floss Water Flosser

Give Your Teeth the Clean they Deserve with this Hydro Floss Water Flosser! This Device Directly Targets Inaccessible Areas and Blasts Away Lingering Debris. Only $39 (Valued at $120) or Upgrade For Only $79 to Receive the Full Dental Kit, Featuring the Flosser, a Sonic Toothbrush, and Much More (Valued at $300)

Improve your dental health with this hydro floss water flosser

This device conveniently uses water pressure to reach inaccessible areas to remove unwanted debris that can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath

It can help to remove 99.9% of plaque from treated areas as well as bacteria deep between teeth and below the gum line where brushing and flossing can't reach

The irrigator is completely rechargeable, with a lithium powered battery that can last up to 50 uses before it needs charging

Plus, the flosser is up to two times as effective as strong floss to improve gum health and reverse gingivitis, and three times more effective than string floss for cleaning around braces, crowns and bridges

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